Professional Audio Previews for Books

An afforable, exciting promotional tool for your book

Book trailers were considered a unique promotional concept. But due to the expectations of the general public of Hollywood-quality productions, and limited budgets, often they were less effective as a marketing tool. They were also someone else's interpretation of your book. As authors ourselves, we struggled to find a more effective promotional outlet.

Enter the Audio Preview. It finally dawned on us that the magic of the reading experience itself was what needed to be conveyed to the potential book buyer. That is why they read.

Our products highlight your words. Your talent. Successful book promotion should capture the attention of the book buyer, and we feel this may be one of the ways to achieve that.

Not some interpretation of your book—
a Highlight of your talent

Enhanced Audio Preview with Video

The River Demon project comprises advanced audio and video production. We can tailor a project to whatever you envision.

Imagine a 30s radio program-style of promotion. The excitment of music, sound effects, and professional voices for each character can get the attention and social sharing we seek while still highlighting the book reading experience.

Basic Audio Preview with Video

Our basic Audio Previews and Audio Previews with Video are created using the same high-quality, professional voice recordings and soundscapes, as well as background graphics and book passages, allowing the viewer to read along if they wish. Or, they can just close their eyes and let your words take them to a magical place.

Two options: audio with video and audio-only

The heart of our book previews is the professional audio presentation.

Whether or not you choose the YouTube platform with video elements, or the audio-only SoundCloud platform, the custom audio track is the same, comprised of a professionally recorded voice over and sound enhancements, such as music and sound effects.

These give your readers a taste of the pleasure they will find in reading your work. After all, words are taken directly from your book. We just spiced it up a bit to get their attention.

Contact us today to discuss how we can create one of these marketing tools for your book. Prices start at just $399 for audio-only projects.

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